Wildlife Tourism Strengthened by New Partnership

On Sunday 27 September we recognised World Tourism Day. An outpouring of support for the industry was communicated across social platforms in acknowledgement of the hardships suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet the narrative was also hopeful, triumphant and defiant. The African tourism industry has spent many months in deep retrospection, learning to adapt to uncertainty, navigating the unknown with determined resilience, steely resolve and characteristic humour. Our camps may have sat empty during the many months of lockdown, with travel restrictions interrupting our safari season for 2020, yet the support for our industry has been overwhelming. Through the chaos of coronavirus Africa’s tourism sector has been empowered by the assistance of industry representatives and collaborators from across the continent and abroad.

Most recently, the Zambezi Wildlife Trust (ZWT), which Anabezi proudly supports, was awarded a £5,000 grant from Prospero Zambia, a UK aid funded organisation that supports enterprise development in Zambia. The contribution will help boost ZWT’s conservation capabilities by protecting employee incomes and ensuring the continuation of operations as the tourism economy cautiously regenerates as travel restrictions are gradually lifted across the continent.

The ZWT’s role within the Lower Zambezi Conservation Area is pivotal to the protection of the wildlife at the epicentre of the local tourism industry. Its operations are primarily focused on anti-poaching and other conservation initiatives including community-led projects that ensure local villages benefit and thrive from conservation practices. The partnership between Prospero Zambia and ZWT is a true illustration of the continued commitment from industry collaborators to ensure the endurance of the African tourism industry.

Until next time,

The team at Anabezi

For more on Prospero Zambia, please visit www.prospero.co.zm.