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Who We Are

A Luxury Camp in Lower Zambezi National Park
A Luxury African Experience in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Who We Are

Stretched under the shade of a Winterthorn grove, above the Zambezi floodplain, discover Anabezi and Amanzi, a stunning slice of safari sophistication and natural endowment. We offer access to the wild and expansive Lower Zambezi National Park, stretched out in a spectacular display of scenery from the doorstep of our luxury tented camps.

Anabezi and Amanzi camps are a gateway to endless discovery. Our proximity to the Zambezi River and position within the National Park lends itself to unparalleled wildlife encounters. A game drive will reveal a kaleidoscope of African animals, flourishing in their natural environment. An evening expedition may reveal one of our resident leopards, while a morning drive could unearth a herd of elephants, a local pride of lion or a majestic giraffe. Slow afternoons casting the Zambezi River for the legendary tiger fish will captivate fishing enthusiasts, while a leisurely paddle in a canoe down one of the river channels will reveal distant hippo, waterbuck or a formidable gathering of buffalo.

Whether you prefer a walk through the ethereal atmosphere of the Winterthorn forest or a sundowner overlooking the Zambezi flooded in hazy afternoon light, we will make you fall in love with Africa. At Anabezi and Amanzi, there is something for everyone.

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Expert Safari Guide - 20 Years

Expert Safari Guide - 20 Years

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Expert Safari Guide - 22 Years

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A Wonder of the Lower Zambezi

Our History

Gazetted in 1983, the Lower Zambezi National Park is a protected paradise. Far removed from the average safari experience, Anabezi and Amanzi are among a limited number of camps positioned right in the heart of the Zambezi National Park. Built on the site of the colonial Governor of Zambia’s retreat, our location boasts consummate natural beauty and unparalleled abundance of wildlife in a private and intimate setting. Our heritage of secluded luxury and environmental engagement holds true to this day, enhancing our capacity to provide a truly sophisticated safari experience.

Arriving in Zambia

Guests travelling to Zambia via Johannesburg, South Africa can fly into either Lusaka or Livingstone International Airports. Alternatively, Emirates, Kenyan Airways and Ethiopian Airlines also offer flights direct to Lusaka.

Private Charter

Once in Zambia, a charter flight is required to reach Anabezi and Amanzi camps. Charters to Jeki airstrip can be made using Proflight Zambia, www.proflight-zambia.com. Alternatively, we can organize a private charter directly to our airstrip, Kulefu.

When you Arrive

Upon arrival, enjoy a refreshing beverage overlooking the Zambezi River while planning your activity itinerary with the help of our friendly staff.

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