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"Watching the life’s light leave an impala’s eye was an experience I’m not likely to forget in a hurry." Death is a subject that we talk about in relation to a lion kill or a leopard kill: a predator’s ownership of

In 2019 ZAWA increased the fishing permit fee to $30 per person per day (for international guests and Zambian residents) and $5 per person per day for Zambian citizens, a fee that will remain in effect for next season. Of

An oh-so-casual “have you seen the elephant shrew?” lilts across the bar, as guests trickle onto Zambezi deck for tea, and as it’s Monday. scones. The scene is too perfect to be plausible, but the shrew, scenting the soft breeze

Antlers or horns? What is the difference and does it matter? Well the answer, predictably is yes, and very much so. To answer this we need to take a closer look at the Linnaean taxonomy (how animals are classified according

There are few things that can prepare you for your first glimpse of the lower Zambezi. Flying out of Kenneth Kaunda airport in a small Cessna or the regularly scheduled ProFlight caravan, the journey is a matter of minutes: lifting

Many regular travellers find packing a breeze - they’ve worked out the ratio of essentials to availability of laundry service and somehow effortlessly manage to fit their luggage into a small carryon bag. However, if travelling is not in your