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Leopards and baboons, have, since their respective species emerged from the primordial soup, been set against each other in pitched warfare. Their shared realm of the tree canopy, the leopard’s opportunistic propensity to prey on baboon, and the primate’s to

Diamonds on the Soles of their Spoor… Limousine languid and ticking softy in the still air, the ephemeral iridescence of spider hunting wasps circle a nearby winter cassia. Its late afternoon and we are already hot, dusty and tired, but that’s

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may well have noticed something of a proliferation of elephant across our feed of late. Fact is, in addition to the two male lions Blackie and Ginger wandering through the miombo

Snail soft and slow, the full moon rises above the sweep of the Mushika river bed, its light strong and true in the crisp winter air, setting the silica in the sand to glitter like so many brilliant gems, oneiric

"Watching the life’s light leave an impala’s eye was an experience I’m not likely to forget in a hurry." Death is a subject that we talk about in relation to a lion kill or a leopard kill: a predator’s ownership of