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In these uncertain times, when all seems dark, troubled and unstable, it perhaps best served to think of something broader, something bigger than ourselves, and consider instead the certainties of the universe: that the stars will shine and the earth

Over the course of the green season, the Zambezi Wildlife Trust has been busy engaging with the local communities that subsist on the outskirts of the park, promoting education and conservation with the school kids from Mugurameno School in Chiawa

If you’ve ever stopped to wonder how the rug on the floor doesn’t fray, how the shirt on your back holds together, how muscles and ligaments interlock, how the cells and the very fabric of life is coiled and bound

There are several projects in the pipeline for 2020. We now have a company aircraft for transfers (more information on that at a later date), and are planning on remodelling the family unit at Anabezi, in addition to building a

We have a unbelievable 3 night special which provides fantastic value for anyone looking to spend three memorable nights in the Lower Zambezi National Park. For a slightly longer stay, keep in mind our upcoming specials “Pay 3, Stay 4”

For much of the world, the festive season is one of flurries of snow, crisp mornings and warm drinks, large belt loosening meals and general overindulging and overabundance, the southern hemisphere, however, does things a little differently… December is traditionally