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Fishing on The Zambezi

Zambia is known for its astonishing wilderness areas. In Liuwa Plains there is a wildebeest migration, the biggest mammal migration of them all takes place in Kasanka National Park where over 10 million straw-colored fruit bats arrive during the months of October and November and the beautiful Lower Zambezi National which is a replica of the famous Mana Pools.

However, not many people realize how incredible the fishing is! Typically when you go on safari, you would climb onto a jeep and go adventuring searching for animals or perhaps even a bush walk might tickle your fancy. At Anabezi, you can do so much more, like canoeing, sunset set boat cruises AND fishing.

Not everyone is keen on catching fish but with over 75 species of fish swimming in the waters of the Zambezi River, why would you not attempt to cast a line into the water… For those of you that have never fished before let me give you some insight. Typically, you’d start your morning off exceptionally early, watch the sunrise as you motor along to the perfect fishing spots. When you go fishing in the Zambezi, normally there is only one fish that everyone wants to catch – the tiger fish. These fish have specific feeding times and have their own favorite spots, a deep channel new the edge of a sandbank. Once your fishing guide has taken you to his secret fishing spot, it’s time to throw in the lines. Be careful when casting as the lures have pretty big hooks.

Now you wait but don’t worry, a nice cup of coffee (even a sneaky splash of Amarula is acceptable on fishing trips) and something to snack while you watch elephants swim out to the island for a day of feeding to pass the time. When you least expect it, if all the conditions are perfect, you’ll hear the high-pitched squeal of the reel as the tiger fish grabs the lure. Our expert fishing guides will tell you exactly when to strike. Be prepared though, for a good fight as the tiger fish don’t give up easily, they even leap out of the water to try and free themselves of the hook.(Don’t worry we release all the fish we catch)

Sometimes, you win and sometimes, you lose and the fish gets away. The adrenaline rush that fills your entire body is like no other and is honestly worth it even if the fish outwits you.

Give it a try when you visit us and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never fished a day in your life, we will guide you through the entire process!

Written by: Tayla McCurdy