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What to Expect at our Camps

Our Activities

Deep in the Lower Zambezi National Park we are privileged to enjoy a true Eden. With activities spanning game drives both during the day and at night, river cruises and fishing, canoe trips down the quiet and secluded side channels of the main river, walks in the bush accompanied by a scout, and spectacular birding, we pride ourselves on ensuring your premium experience of the Zambezi.

Your private safari will be led by one of our highly qualified and experienced guiding team, with knowledge, stories, and humour unsurpassed, who will ensure your comfort, safety, and spectacular sightings throughout your stay. Our state-of-the-art fleet of open safari vehicles have been adapted to guarantee a smooth ride over occasionally bumpy terrain, with a shade cover (removeable on request) and fully stocked hot and cold drinks boxes.

Game Drive

Game Drives are one of the best ways to see wildlife large and small, furred or feathered. Morning and afternoon drives provide an opportunity to see diurnal game – buffalo, elephant, zebra, and antelope including Kudu, Impala, and bush buck; but you may well come across a pride of lion in full cat nap repose, or perhaps a lounging leopard in the branches of a tree.

Walking Safari

A walking safari, the concept of which was pioneered in Zambia under the great Norman Carr, is an opportunity to understand the complex ecosystem of the bush and provides an insight into the lives of the smaller animals in the park. Accompanied by a professional, National Parks Wildlife Officer, learn from our guides about the medicinal uses of trees, herbs, and plants, the stories of the bush and ancient fables of Southern Africa. Follow the tracks of genet and civet, and perhaps even lion… Zambia is one of the last places where this can be truly appreciated and enjoyed.

River Cruise

The Zambezi River is best explored by boat. Our custom fitted pontoon boats are stable and secure providing a perfect platform for photographic opportunities, fishing or just simple appreciation. Relax of an afternoon, lulled by the gentle lap of the river, watching elephant crossing the river from island to island, witness the amusing politics of hippo pod life and feel goose bumps rise with the keening call of a fish eagle, all interspersed with the clink of ice cubes in your drink and lit by the slowly sinking sun…


If you want a chance to catch the legendary Tiger that lurks in the deeps of the Zambezi, this is the place to do it. Our coxswains know every pool and eddy of this stretch of the river and will provide expert advice whether you’re an experienced fisherman or complete novice. While we provide all the necessary rods and tackle for Spinner and Lure fishing, anglers who specialise on Fly would be advised to bring their own.


There are few experiences more incredible than drifting down the Zambezi, propelled by the current paddled by your own guide, providing a new perspective of the river from river level – in it, on it, by it and with it. This is a slower, quieter way to experience the majesty of the fourth longest river in Africa and all the wildlife that exists by its might.


The Lower Zambezi boasts over 500 species of birdlife, many of which are not often seen elsewhere. From Giant Eagle Owls to tiny sunbirds, kingfishers to vultures and Ground Hornbills, you can rest assured that your binos will constantly be in hand, tracking a flutter of wings or unfamiliar call from the depths of a bush. The Carmine Bee Eaters migrate to a nesting site just upstream from camp, and Ospreys and Yellow Billed Kites keep a close eye on boats headed out fishing, hovering for the possibility of a free lunch!