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Explore a Kaleidoscope of Bird Life on the Zambezi
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The Lower Zambezi National Park boast over 500 species of birds. A ground hornbill can be spotted from the branches of the mopane trees, a tiny red-billed firefinch might serenade you from your private balcony, while the mournful cry of the African fish eagle reverberates across the river. Zambia’s natural wilderness is home to an expansive variety of birds, a dream destination for the enthusiastic birdwatchers.

At Anabezi and Amanzi camps, the carmine bee-eaters migrate to a nesting site just upstream, while ospreys and yellow-billed kites keep a close eye on boats headed out fishing, hovering overhead in anticipation of a free lunch.


How many species of birds are there?

The Lower Zambezi National Park is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, boasting over 500-species along the magical shores of the Zambezi River. From the lilac breasted roller to Lillian’s love birds; from the carmine bee-eater, white fronted bee-eater, and black heron; to the purple-crested turaco and Pels fishing owl, a birding expedition with us will have your eyes locked on the skies.

Do you have accessories for me to borrow, or should I bring my own?

We have plenty of books and binoculars for you to borrow.