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Walking Safari

An intimate encounter in the wilderness
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Profound in natural abundance, the Lower Zambezi National Park is an astonishing oasis of wilderness and wildlife. Perhaps one of the most intimate channels of discovery within this exceptional environment is the walking safari. Pioneered in Zambia under the great Norman Carr, the walking safari is a unique opportunity to appreciate the complex ecosystems of the African landscape.
Walking excursions are accompanied by an experienced guide and a National Parks Wildlife Officer. Under their combined expertise, guests typically end the experience with a fresh awareness of the African bush, learning from our guides about the medicinal uses of indigenous trees, herbs, and plants, while gaining a greater insight into the experiences of smaller animals in the park. Zambia is one of the last destinations on earth where the intricacies of nature can be deeply appreciated and enjoyed.


How long is a walking trip?

Our walking trips usually last between two to three hours, and cover around 4km. You may enjoy a walking trip at any time of the day, but we suggest a morning walk in order to avoid the afternoon heat.

Are we protected?

Your safety is of paramount importance. Each walking safari is accompanied by an experienced safari guide and an armed Zambia Wildlife Authority escort.

How well do our guides know the area?

Our guides were born and bred on the Zambezi River. They live and breathe the land, understand the complexities of its natural occupants and possess an appreciation of Zambia’s earthly ambiance that is wonderous to behold.