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Game Drives

Our remote location ensures an intimate encounter.
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Established within one of the world’s most prolific pockets of environmental endowment,
Anabezi is primed for palpable wildlife sightings and dramatic animal encounters on our guided safari game drives.

Engaged in a delicate and peaceful wildlife treaty, predators roam the floodplains alongside prey in a stunning display of equilibrium. Our camps are equipped with four-person game drive vehicles, newly designed for safety and comfort. Morning drives may reveal the Zambezi’s diurnal inhabitants – buffalo, elephant, zebra and an array of antelope – as they traverse the mopane forest. On an afternoon excursion, you could stumble across a lazy pride of lion in the throes of a heavy daytime nap.
As day turns to night, the big cats emerge from their slumber and begin the hunt. With the arrival of dusk, the prospect of catching them in action will take your breath away. On a night drive, you may also encounter hyena, porcupine, aardvark, civet, genet, or perhaps a Verreaux’s Giant Eagle Owl.
Our remote location ensures your sightings will be private and truly special, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in each intimate encounter.


Will I be able to see animals at all times of the day?

Animals are more active in cooler weather. As a result, we prefer to conduct our game drives first thing in the morning, or at dusk. During the day, the animals spend long, lazy hours fast asleep in the heavy midday heat, making them harder to spot.

How many people can one vehicle carry?

Our vehicles can comfortably accommodate between four and ten people. However, we limit the number of people per car to four if you aren’t travelling in a group. Our guests are guided by the best drivers and spotters who ensure everyone in the vehicle has an excellent view of the surrounding landscape.

Is it easy to spot the wildlife?

With over 84-years of combined experience, all our guides are residents of the Zambezi National Park. They have grown-up in the area, acquiring a vast knowledge of the land and its natural inhabitants. As a result, our guides are proficient in spotting and tracking all wildlife within the park, with a deep understanding of their spoor, characteristics, movements and behaviours.