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An Adventure to Remember

There are few experiences more intimate, more genuine, more authentically African than floating down the Zambezi in a canoe. The Lower Zambezi National Park is one of the few places in Africa that offer canoeing safaris, an unparalleled experience that provides fantastic insight into the animal life that thrive and survive on the Zambezi. On this exceptional safari tour, our experienced safari guides will reveal a fresh perspective on African wildlife. From hippo and crocodile to rare birdlife and aquatic creatures, the canoeing safari is an adventure to remember.


Where do we canoe?

Canoe trips on the Zambezi River always run downstream as the current can be unpredictable. Our professional guides were born and bred by the river. They possess an inherent knowledge of its currents, its channels and its inhabitants and will use their experience to help you navigate the waters safely.

Tell me more about the canoes?

Our Canadian-styled, canoes are three-years-old and made with fibre-glass. Each trip is conducted under the supervision of an experienced guide. Each boat contains life jackets, radios and first-aid kits to keep you safe.

What happens along the way?

A canoeing safari is truly the most magical way to experience the Zambezi. Our guides boast a wealth of knowledge about river wildlife and will open your eyes to new animal and bird species along the way. Upon the completion of your trip, a 4×4 Land Cruiser or riverboat will collect you and your wildlife experience will continue into the bush.