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Conservation & Social Responsibility

What Drives Our Cause

Our Responsibility

At Anabezi and Amanzi, we believe that ethical and sustainable wildlife tourism and conservation go hand in hand. In tribute to the natural landscape from which we operate, we remain dedicated to supporting grassroots preservation efforts operating within the Lower Zambezi National Park, and across Zambia.

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a Zambian non-profit initiative established in a bid to assist conservation efforts both within the Lower Zambezi National Park and its surrounding areas. Anabezi and Amanzi camps are dedicated supporters of this enterprise, contributing financially and operationally to the deployment of anti-poaching teams on the east side of the park, preserving the Zambezi’s natural ambiance for future generations.

Zambezi Wildlife Trust

The Zambezi Wildlife Trust (ZWT) is an organisation committed to the empowerment of local communities and protection of wildlife. We are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to ensure communities living within the Lower Zambezi Conservation Area positively benefit from wildlife conservation and local tourism. Operations are primarily focused on anti-poaching and other conservation initiatives within the Zambezi Conservation Area, a landscape comprised of the Lower Zambezi National Park and its neighbouring Chiawa Game Management Area (GMA).

In partnership with the Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife, the ZWT has implemented a series of successful anti-poaching initiatives aimed at preserving wildlife populations within the GMA and at educating the community about sustainable and profitable alternatives to poaching. Together with the ZWT, Anabezi and Amanzi camps are committed to establishing solutions-driven initiatives that work to uplift local communities by ensuring local households benefit positively from wildlife tourism and conservation.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We have taken active responsibility for our own greenhouse gas emissions, becoming the second safari camp in Zambia to go carbon neutral. Working with BioCarbon Partners, we have purchased Carbon Credits from the Lower Zambezi REDD+ project, strengthening our role in the protection of natural habitats in the northern region of the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Conservation at Home

Anabezi and Amanzi camps were designed with the environment in mind. Both camps are almost exclusively supplied with electricity from solar energy systems, while raised paths and walkways through the natural landscape minimize our footprint on the wildlife around us, allowing antelope, elephant and hippo to wander freely through camp and feed on the ‘ana’ or winterthorn pods from which we take our name.

Anabezi and Amanzi camps collaborate closely with local agencies to ensure the continued preservation of indigenous wildlife. Since our establishment, ZAWA and CLZ anti-poaching patrols have resumed in the eastern regions of the park. Anabezi provides support and back-up patrols to these initiatives, and has rebuilt the scout post at Kulefu, empowering organisations to safely and effectively protect the local wildlife from poaching syndicates.