Founded in 2017, the Zambezi Wildlife Trust is an organisation working in partnership with Anabezi, Amanzi and Kayila. With a number of objectives, the trust works to enable and encourage development in the local community, from land usage and management

For much of the world, the festive season is one of flurries of snow, crisp mornings and warm drinks, large belt loosening meals and general overindulging and overabundance, the southern hemisphere, however, does things a little differently… December is traditionally

In 2019 ZAWA increased the fishing permit fee to $30 per person per day (for international guests and Zambian residents) and $5 per person per day for Zambian citizens, a fee that will remain in effect for next season. Of

Say hello to kayilacamp.com. Situated in the vast 8,000 acre private conservancy of the game management area outside Lower Zambezi National Park, Kayila is the perfect first stop of the exceptional Zambezi Experience. With outstanding views of the majestically towering