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In these uncertain times, when all seems dark, troubled and unstable, it perhaps best served to think of something broader, something bigger than ourselves, and consider instead the certainties of the universe: that the stars will shine and the earth

Well goodness, it’s hard to believe that our season on the Lower Zambezi has come to a close, but what a season it has been! The rains have come, our last guests have departed, and camp has closed for 2019.

Crepuscular sheaves of shrivelight pierce the canopy of the leadwoods, littering the island floor with spashings and dashings of sun, mottled and sprottled like the spots of a leopard. It’s approaching noon and on the sand below stands a lone

If you’ve stayed with us before, you may well remember our insanely delicious rusks, made all the more magical with the addition of a healthy dousing in 11 o’clock tea or coffee for madly moreish mastication… Due to popular demand I

Snail soft and slow, the full moon rises above the sweep of the Mushika river bed, its light strong and true in the crisp winter air, setting the silica in the sand to glitter like so many brilliant gems, oneiric

There are few things that can prepare you for your first glimpse of the lower Zambezi. Flying out of Kenneth Kaunda airport in a small Cessna or the regularly scheduled ProFlight caravan, the journey is a matter of minutes: lifting