6 - 2019 | Anabezi

June 2019

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may well have noticed something of a proliferation of elephant across our feed of late. Fact is, in addition to the two male lions Blackie and Ginger wandering through the miombo

Snail soft and slow, the full moon rises above the sweep of the Mushika river bed, its light strong and true in the crisp winter air, setting the silica in the sand to glitter like so many brilliant gems, oneiric

In 2019 ZAWA increased the fishing permit fee to $30 per person per day (for international guests and Zambian residents) and $5 per person per day for Zambian citizens, a fee that will remain in effect for next season. Of

An oh-so-casual “have you seen the elephant shrew?” lilts across the bar, as guests trickle onto Zambezi deck for tea, and as it’s Monday. scones. The scene is too perfect to be plausible, but the shrew, scenting the soft breeze