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Spectacular Bird Life

With over 500 species of birds gracing the Zambezi National Park skies, don’t be surprised if you spot a Ground Hornbill or the tiny Redbilled Firefinch. With such a variety, there’s bound to be some species you’ve never seen before.

The Lower Zambezi boasts over 500 species of birdlife, many of which are not often seen elsewhere. From Giant Eagle Owls to tiny sunbirds, kingfishers to vultures and Ground Hornbills, you can rest assured that your binos will constantly be in hand, tracking a flutter of wings or unfamiliar call from the depths of a bush.

The Carmine Bee Eaters migrate to a nesting site just upstream from camp, and Ospreys and Yellow Billed Kites keep a close eye on boats headed out fishing, hovering for the possibility of a free lunch!


How many species of birds are there?

There is no end of the types of birds you’ll see in the Lower Zambezi National Park. From the Lilac Breasted Roller to Lillian’s Love Birds, the Carmine Bee-eater, White Fronted Bee-eater, Black Heron, Purple Crested Turaco and Pels Fishing Owl, to mention a few, your eyes will be locked on the skies.

Do you have accessories for me to borrow, or should I bring my own?

We have plenty of books and binoculars for you to borrow.