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Game Drives

Africa's Animal Kingdom

It is no wonder Anabezi is known for its spectacular game viewing. Equipped with new, four person game drive vehicles specifically designed to keep you comfortable and safe..

Game Drives are one of the best ways to see wildlife large and small, furred or feathered. Morning and afternoon drives provide an opportunity to see diurnal game – buffalo, elephant, zebra, and antelope including Kudu, Impala, and bush buck; but you may well come across a pride of lion in full cat nap repose, or perhaps a lounging leopard in the branches of a tree…

As day turns to night, however, the Big Cats wake up and begin the hunt, giving an opportunity to see them in majestic action. On the night drive you may also encounter hyena, porcupine, aardvark, civet, genet, or perhaps a Verreaux’s Giant Eagle Owl.

As we are much further from other camps in the park who tend not to traverse so far down river, your sightings will be private, uniquely special, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the encounter.


Will I be able to see animals at all times of the day?

Animals are more active in cooler weather, hence the preferred drive times of first thing in the morning, or when the sun goes down at dusk. During the day, the animals spend long, lazy hours fast asleep, which makes them harder to spot.

How many people can one vehicle carry?

Our vehicles can comfortably carry between 4 and 10 people, however we will limit the number of people to four if you aren’t travelling in a group. We make sure that everyone in the vehicle has an excellent view of the Lower Zambezi National Park plains, and are guided by our very best spotters.

Is it easy to spot the wildlife?

With over 84 years combined experience, our guides call the Zambezi National Park, home. Growing up in the area, they are excellent at spotting all wildlife, with a deep understanding of their day-to-day behaviour. They can even track animals by following their spoor.