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Spectacular Fresh Water Fish

Famous for its spectacular fresh water fish, like the tiger fish, enjoy catch and release tiger fishing. Spend long hours not only quietly taking in the beauty of the Zambezi river, but wrestling this 20lb predator out of the water.

If you want a chance to catch the legendary Tiger that lurks the deeps of the Zambezi, this is the place to do it. Our coxswains know every pool and eddy of this stretch of the river and will provide expert advice whether you’re an experienced fisherman or complete novice. While we provide all the necessary rods and tackle for Spinner and Lure fishing, anglers who specialise on Fly would be advised to bring their own.

What to Expect


When can I fish on the Zambezi River?

The best time to fish is between April and the end of November, which we call Safari season.

Do you practice sustainability?

At Anabezi, we have a strict catch and release policy for all species in the Zambezi River. For more information about the type of equipment we recommend, be sure to contact us.

What is a Tiger Fish?

This prize African game fish is found in many rivers and lakes in the area. Somewhere between a trout and a piranha fish, they have hugely impressive jaws. These fierce predators are on any fisherman’s bucket list.