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Conservation & Social Responsibility

What Drives Our Cause

Our Responsibility

At Anabezi and Amanzi we believe that there can be no ethical and sustainable wildlife tourism or safari experience without conservation efforts. As such we dedicate considerable time and effort to aid the various programmes operating in and around the park, as well as across Zambia.

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)

We’re big supporters of the CLZ, a Zambian non-profit initiative that was started to assist with conservation in the Lower Zambezi National Park and the areas that surround it. Committed to the sustainable use of natural resources and wildlife conservation, Anabezi does its bit to financially and operationally help with the deployment and back-up of anti-poaching teams on the east side of the park – to ensure that future generations are able to experience the same beauty we do today.

Zambezi Wildlife Trust

The Zambezi Wildlife Trust is an organisation dedicated to promoting coexistence between the communities in the Chiawa Conservation GMA, which borders the Lower Zambezi National Park in Southern Zambia, and the wildlife thereof. With five fundamental strategic objectives, we work to ensure that local people benefit from wildlife conservation and wildlife tourism. These key pillars include the elimination of poaching and the reduction of deforestation, in conjunction with community development projects.

The ZWT’s partnership with the Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and with the local communitiesallows us to make a concrete difference in the lives of rural Zambians, giving them the autonomy to be active participants in, and beneficiaries of, the wildlife tourism economy.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We are the second camp in Zambia to go carbon neutral – which is how we take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions we create in our everyday operations. Working with BioCarbon Partners, we have purchased Carbon Credits from the Lower Zambezi REDD+ project, playing a vital role in the protection of the natural habitat and boundary in the northern part of the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Conservation at Home

Both Anabezi and Amanzi Camps are built using the best ecological building practices. The camps are almost exclusively supplied with electricity from solar energy systems, while raised walkways allow the camps to have a minimal footprint, allowing game to wander freely through camp, with browsing and grazing animals such as antelope, elephant and hippo feasting freely on the Ana or winterthorn pods, from which we take our name.

Since the establishment of Anabezi and Amanzi,  ZAWA and CLZ anti-poaching patrols have resumed their efforts in the Eastern part of the park – Anabezi providing the necessary support and back-up patrols, as well as rebuilding the scout post at Kulefu, maintaining an antipoaching presence in the area to ensure the safety of the wildlife.