Happy New Year

It’s almost time for 2018 to come to an end and I’m sure most of you will agree, that the year has flown by. All the city dwellers are getting ready for a celebration of sorts, last minute arrangements being made and even trying to find that perfect outfit to wear for the New Years Eve bash.

However, it’s a completely different world in the Lower Zambezi National Park, no music, no sparkling lights and no fire works. Camp is quiet with just a few staff staying behind in the rainy season, preparing for 2019.

There will be a few changes happening at Anabezi and Amanzi along with routine repairs and general maintenance. Making sure that the camps are in tip top shape for all the guests visiting us in the new year. The animals may be celebrating up in the hills of the Zambezi Escarpment but we will never know for sure, as this is the holiday season for all the wildlife in the southern sections of the LZNP.

We are all hoping the rain pours down and drenches the thirsty earth, so cheers to you Mother Nature! Thank you for providing exquisite wildlife sightings to everyone that visited us in 2018. Let’s hope for the same game viewing experience (hopefully even better) in the new year.

Remember to laugh more, try new things, be positive and go on more adventures! Make sure one of those adventures is visiting Zambia, we hope to see some new and old face next year.

Happy New Year, may it be a prosperous one!

Written by: Tayla McCurdy

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