Game Viewing Update

The game viewing has been fantastic this past week. The Ana Tree pods are dropping in and around the camps. These pods are a favourite which the animals feed on towards the end of the dry season when grazing becomes rather scarce.

Last week’s sightings:

Monday: a large herd of buffaloes, zebras, elephants and 2 male lions,

Tuesday: Great sighting of a female leopard in a tree, zebras, several Buffalo bulls, elephants and porcupines.

Wednesday: a female leopard, 2 big herds of buffaloes, zebras, elephants

Thursday: 3 leopards, witnessing 1 leopard killing an impala, 2 male lions, zebras, elephants digging for water in a dry river bed, a porcupine and 5 hyenas

Friday: 2 leopards, 1 up a tree with an impala kill, 2 male lions, a big herd of elephants wallowing in the mud and lots of zebras.

Saturday: a big herd of buffaloes, elephant bulls, 2 male lions, zebras and 2 leopards.

Sunday: zebras, 3 leopards, 1 with a kill, buffaloes and a big herd of elephants.

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