Experience Africa at Dark

In an open 4x4 safari vehicle, you can explore the Lower Zambezi National Park when the sun goes down. Tending to laze around during the day, spot the big cats as they wonder around at night, hunting their prey. From the sounds of Africa at dusk, to the beautiful starry sky, it is a drive to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know

Doesn’t the light from the vehicles scare away the animals?

The vehicles headlamps are covered with red filters, which serve two purposes: they don’t scare away the animals, and they allow for a better viewing experience. An experienced tracker assists our guide by switching on a red-filtered spotlight when looking for nocturnal animals, avoiding shining it in their eyes – especially the sensitive herbivores.

Will I still be able to use my camera at night?

We have developed soft, diffuse filters for photography. This innovation, unique to our camps only, produces natural looking photographs at night. Our guides will help you set up.

How late is the night drive?

We depart just after high tea, stopping at sunset for sundowners – which include snacks, soft drinks or a cocktail of your choice. When dark, we switch on the infrared lights, returning to the camp before dinner.

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