Spectacular fresh water fish

For keen fishermen, late August to mid November is the best time to fish on the Zambezi River - although the tiger fish and other species can be caught throughout the safari season. With a firm catch-and-release policy, we want you to enjoy fresh water fishing, but without harming the environment. With our custom built 18’ pontoon boats, and river guides with an intimate knowledge of the river they’ve grown up in, both beginners and experts will be taken to the best spots for a mesmerising experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know

When can I fish on the Zambezi River?

The best time to fish is between April and the end of November, which we call Safari season.

Do you practice sustainability?

At Anabezi, we have a strict catch and release policy for all species in the Zambezi River. For more information about the type of equipment we recommend, be sure to contact us.

What is a Tiger Fish?

This prize African game fish is found in many rivers and lakes in the area. Somewhere between a trout and a piranha fish, they have hugely impressive jaws. These fierce predators are on any fisherman’s bucket list.

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